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Welcome to accordions4u.com

  • Want to play your button accordion or squeeze box?
  • Want to learn and play songs on your button accordion easily and quickly?
  • Searching for a easy how to play the button accordion book?
  • But you do not know how to read music from a accordion book?

Search no further!
You’ve found our play by number diatonic button accordion books!

Benefits of using our Button Accordion Books!

  • You do not have to know how to read music!
  • Button accordion books are written for the beginner or those who play by ear!
  • Accordion books are written like music books except numbers replace music notes!
  • Compatible to the 1, 2 or 3 row diatonic button accordions!
  • Easy way for experienced or beginning players to learn hundreds of tunes!
  • Eight accordion books have companion CDs.

You play by ear and want to learn to play button accordion tunes easily and quickly!

Our series of “THE PHD’S OF THE BUTTON ACCORDION”, “PUSH HERE DUMMY, PULL HERE DUMMY” contain a variety of traditional Irish tunes, Newfoundland tunes, Scottish songs, Celtic tunes, Canadian tunes, English tunes, American tunes, Country Western tunes, Christmas Carols and songs, favorite Hymns, 3/4 waltzes, Jigs and Reels for your enjoyment. Feedback from beginners and players who have brought our button accordion books say learning is quick, easy and enjoyable.

View our 100% Positive feedback and view our About Us page.

Playing the button accordion? How easy is it?


  • Our forty-four page instructional manual with two Cds. cover all the basic fundamentals.
  • It includes easy learn/play bass instruction based on the scales Do, Re, Me etc.
  • Covers all the basic elements of playing either row of the 1, 2 or three row button accordion.
  • After diligent study and practice a learner/player should be able to play eight tunes including a jig and a reel.
  • Finish the button accordion instructional manual and you have dozens of volumes and hundreds of tunes to delight you for years to come.

Appreciate you taking the time to look. Thanks.


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